Josep Grau

Josep Grau is a chemist (1967, l’Escola Industrial de Terrassa) and a mathematician (1975, Universitat Complutense de Madrid). From 1964 he has been working at different catalan enterprises and as a consultant for the Escola d’Organització Industrial (INI).

From 1977 to 2002 he worked at the international company SEMA GROUP (today ATOS), first as a consultant on enterprise strategy, and after 1982 as the general subdirector and leader of Consultancy and Information System, provider of the Barcelona’s 92 Olympic games.

From there on, he used his expertise to create the global unity projects (Soccer World Cup, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, Universíades…). He was the exclusive provider of the technology area for the International Olympic Committee, in particular for the Olímpycs Games.

At 1995 he was nominated as a General Representative for Latin America, and created the technical and commercial structure of the multinational enterprise for six countries, driving the activity until it was profitable.

At 2002, he leaved the company to create his own tech enterprise, SICONET Sistemes i Consultoria, latter part of the BULL group.

Today he is retired and works as a consultant for enterprise’s strategy.