The cooperative distribution

How will workers, consumers and finance collaborators vote at the assembly

Workers will have the 50% of the vote at the Assembly. Consumer owners will have a minimum of the 25% of the Assembly, and the finance collaborators will have up to the other 25% of the vote (that will depend on the quantity of final collaborators).

How will we distribute the profits

Financial Collaborators

We are looking to achieve 200.000 Euros for constructing the Platform, and then 100.000 more to capitalise the business. So the total external collaboration should be up to 300.000. Some part fill be achieved with a crowdfunding. For the rest, if for instance, you put 25.000 Euros you will receive the 2.5% of the benefits and will participate with the 2.5% of the votes at the Assembly. With up to 25% of the votes you will receive up to 25% of the profits.


Half of the 75% of the profits left, after giving the 25% to the financial collaborators, will be used to lower the price of the next year coop members cuota, although they may decide to not accept the discount and put the money for projects.

Environmental and Social and Solidarity Projects

The other half of the profits (plus the money of the members that do not want to receive the discount) will be used to Environmental and Social and Solidarity Projects. We will do an open call, and members will vote the best projects to fund.